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Pillion peg extenders for Triumph Tiger Explorer 1215 and Tiger 800

Pillion peg extenders for Triumph Tiger Explorer 1215 and Tiger 800


My wife is 6'2" and suffers cramp if we ride for more than an hour or so. I had these made to make journeys much more comfortable for the longer legged pillion. They fit both the explorer and the Tiger 800
They drop the pillion footpegs by approximately 75mm. They are made in Great Britain from billet aluminium and anodised, and come with all the necessary fixings.

Fitting Instructions for Tiger 800 and Tiger Explorer Pillion Foot Peg Lowering Brackets.


Unusually, the instructions for fitting start off with a little history of the development of this product.

The development bike was a Tiger Explorer 2013 model and the lowering brackets were made for this bike without any issue. Upon trying them on a later Explorer and on a Tiger 800 they wouldn’t fit. The peg hangers seemed to have been made from a different mould and didn’t have the sharp inside edges of the 2013 model and so we had to take the square edges off the brackets to ensure a good fit.

Since then we have come across bikes with tighter right hand side hangers than left hand side ones, the bracket needing a light tap to get it into place. Despite these somewhat strange (and irritating!) variations our brackets fit every bike we have tried them on. There may be some variations in fit however, not caused by the manufacture of the brackets which are CNC machined and exact mirror images of each other, but by the slight differences in manufacture of Triumphs foot peg hangers from one bike to the next.

So, to the instructions;

Take off the circlip from the bottom of the pin holding the foot peg in place and remove the pin. Insert the bracket and reuse the pin and circlip to fit in place. If there is any play in either  bracket due to the Triumph manufacturing process mentioned above, foam tape is supplied to stop any movement.

Take the footpeg and line it up with the holes in the bracket. This will need a little force due to the rubber bumper on the peg. Take the supplied bolt with a washer on it. Insert it from underneath. Once in place, put on a squared off washer and then the nyloc nut. Hold the nyloc nut in place with a spanner and tighten the bolt from underneath. Do not allow the nut to be held in place by the bracket as this causes unnecessary stress and potential damage and will jam the nut if you need to take the bracket off in the future.

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