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KwiKover Motorcycle Cover

KwiKover Motorcycle Cover


 kwiKcover is convenient - the kwiKcover unit is firmly attached to the rear of the motorcycle. When the bike is stopped simply unzip the bag, unroll the cover and attach the elastic straps in four places. Storing the cover is just as easy by reversing the process. No need to search for a location to store the kwiKcover, even motorcycles without storage can be kwiKcovered. Since the cover is so easy to use you are much more likely to do so to help keep sun, dust and light moisture off the seat, tank and instruments. The kwiKcover is available in just one size and color, a black cordura bag with a metallic silver cover.


Several methods of installation are provided to mount the kwiKcover bag onto the motorcycle. One patented method is to place the mounting flap between the seat and rear cowl. Locate the removable tube into a pocket that holds the cover and bag securely when the seat is installed and locked. Mounting straps are also provided for bikes whose seat design does not allow the above attachment method to be used. There are no hard surfaces on the bag or cover to scratch chrome or paint. Full instructions are provided with your KwiKcover

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