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Calsci screens for Kawasaki GTR1400 2008-2014

Calsci screens for Kawasaki GTR1400 2008-2014


New Extra-Wide Touring Shield

    • Vented for minimum turbulence and back pressure
    • Available in four heights and two widths
    • Shape designed to compliment the lines of the Concours
    • Excellent coverage of arms and torso.
    • Exceptionally quiet cockpit area, with much less noise and turbulence than stock
    • No back pressure
    • Made from 4.5mm thick (3/16") DOT certified impact resistant plastic.
    • Shorty made from 3mm thick (1/8") dark tint acrylic.
    • Laser cut for precision aerodynamics and fit
    • Includes storage cover, micro-fiber cleaning towel, and mini-spray bottle of windshield cleaner.
    • Large size tested to 165mph (150 mph gps).

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Note: 2010+ Concours stock shield is 70mm = 2¾" taller than previous years. Our Medium shield is 4" taller than the 2008-2009 Concours windshield, and about 1¼" taller than the 2010+ Concours windshield.

Shields for Concours GTR 1400
Size Height (2010) Width (low) Width (high)
Wide X-Large +7.5" (+4.75) = +19cm (+12cm) +6" +4"
Wide Large +5.75" (+3) = +14,5cm (+7,5cm) +6" +4"
Wide Medium +4" (+1.25) = +10cm (+3cm) +6" +4"
Size Height (2010) Width (low) Width (high)
X-Large +7.5" (+4.75) = +19cm (+12cm) +2" +2"
Large +5.75" (+3) = +14,5cm (+7,5cm) +2" +2"
Medium +4" (+1.25) = +10cm (+3cm) +2" +2"
Sport +2.5" (+0) = +6cm (+0cm) +2" +2"
Tinted Shorty +1" = +2,5cm (-1.75" = -5cm) +2" +2"
 At Heroblobs, we are aware of the difficulties faced when choosing an aftermarket screen. We are also aware of the quality of Calsci screens. So we offer a full money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your screen, return it in as new condition in the original packaging within 14 days of purchase and we will refund you the cost of the screen. Alternatively, come and see us and take it for a trial run. The Heroblobs Price Promise We promise that this product will be delivered to your door for less than the cost to you of importing the same product personally from the manufacturer, taking into account import duty where applicable, VAT and Parcelforce charges for clearing customs. Should we fail in this promise we will refund you double the difference.

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