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How to chose the best windshield height for you

The yardstick method below gives the correct answer, including adjustments for your riding posture, handlebar height, seat height, etc. The table below is only approximate. To use the table, get a size estimate from the table using your height and pants leg length. If you’re between sizes, use the larger size if you live in a colder climate, or the smaller size if you live in a warmer climate. People in Florida or Houston need somewhat shorter windshields, people in Seattle or Juneau need taller windshields. Both the yardstick method and the table are for people who want to look over the windshield. If you want to look through the windshield, add about 3" to your windshield height. Of course the quietest possible ride is when you’re looking through the windshield, but only about 1% of our customers are interested in looking through a windshield.

Younger guys (under 35) typically want about an inch or two shorter windshield to get a sportier feel. Older guys (over 45)typically want a more quiet and comfortable ride and prefer about an inch taller shield.

If you want coverage for your body up to your shoulders, but your head in undisturbed full-speed air, then your windshield’s top edge should visually hit the ground about 10’ – 12’ (3 – 4 meters) in front of the front tire contact patch.


Yardstick Method of determining windshield height
  1. If your stock shield is mechanically adjustable, put it in the lowest position. If your windshield is electrically adjustable, put it about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way up.
  2. Get a yard (meter) stick – free at Home Depot or most hardware stores.
  3. Park your bike on level ground. Measure 30’ (9 meters) from your front wheel contact patch. Drop something on the pavement, keys, a rock, whatever.
  4. Measure 30’ (nine meters) more, you’re now 60’ (18 meters) in front of your bike. Drop something else, wallet, ex-girlfriend, whatever.
  5. Tape the yardstick along the center of the windshield with masking tape or something, with the 20" mark aligned with the top of the windshield and the stick pointing up.
  6. Sit on your bike and look at the two things you dropped on the pavement. Try to sit with your normal riding posture. Don’t cheat – if you slouch a bit when riding, slouch a bit now.
  7. You can sight along the yard stick and see how many inches up from the top of the shield you see the 30’ and 60’ marks. This tells you how many inches taller you would like your windshield.
  8. Your optimum windshield height is somewhere between these two heights. Lower for warmer climates, sportier feel and more air flow. Higher for colder climates / quieter riding / more wind protection. Our shields are typically made in 1.5" (4cm) increments to help you get the best height for you.


Table: Height v. Inside Leg(Leg Length)
28" = 71cm29" = 74cm30" = 76cm31" = 79cm32" = 81cm33" = 84cm34" = 86cm35" = 89cm36" = 91cm
5’7" = 170cm M
5’8" = 173cm M
5’9" = 175cm L M
5’10" = 178cm L M
5’11" = 180cm XL L M
6’ = 183cm XL L M
6’1" = 185cm XL
6’2" = 188cm XL L M
6’3" = 191cm XL M
6’4" = 193cm XL L
6’5" = 196cm XL L